Mission Statement

Our mission at The Mortgage Doctors Inc. is to give reverse mortgage property heirs, distressed homeowners, investors, developers, and business owners a smooth transition by means of Integrity, Honesty, and Full Transparency.

The Mortgage Doctors Inc. began saving families and homes in 2004. Our late founder and CEO Jacquelyn Bess believed “Everybody Needs Somebody, In Their Corner in the Time of Trouble!” After the housing crash of 2008, we refocused our attention on insurance and retirement planning until 2016.

Thus in 2016, The Mortgage Doctors Inc. was created. Keeping our Motto in mind we have helped countless families in mortgage distress sell their homes and assisted them with relocation. We are committed to helping business owners grow, (i.e obtain business loans, secure commercial property, office spaces, etc.) developers build communities, and dissolve partnerships peacefully and successfully. We are passionate about delivering exceptional customer services and offering the ultimate experience. With our laundry list of services offered, we ensure we meet our clients’ every need.

We are here to guide you through the best solutions for your reverse mortgage. It is never easy, as a home owner, to face the reality that it’s time to move and start over or to lose a loved one and inherit an upside mortgage. We understand the house has been in your family for many years and tons of memories were made there; but now it is time to make tough decisions.

Our goal is to make sure no family is hit with the reality of foreclosure with no monies to move on. Our team is trained and ready to help you from beginning to end. Our experience and expertise will guarantee that this process will be a successful, smooth, and rewarding experience. We will provide you with education, walk you through the process, and ensure you are satisfied at closing. Every person’s circumstance is different so no two plans will be exactly the same.