Darlene Saunders & Marlene Saunders

This letter is to Thank and Endorse the Outstanding efforts and collaboration of this team in the expediting of our mother’s reverse mortgage that we inherited. These combined teams were not only dedicated to expediting the tedious process but were also sensitive to our needs. By us following their instructions and cooperating they were able to execute the probate, negotiate the short sale, dispute the appraiser’s appraisal, eradicate a second mortgage and close in less than six (6) months. Above all of that, they made a promise to assist us with relocation monies and not only did they keep to their word they did it in a big way. To whomever is reading this letter of endorsement you are in great hands. These guys are smart, savvy, and dedicated to doing what they said. Move forward and don’t make haste. Thank you Paragon Properties and The Mortgage Doctors.