I .Carter – Miami, FL

This letter is to any consumer considering doing business with The Mortgage Doctor’s. When I received their Direct Mailer out of all the people that were contacting me and send me Help Notices, I was compelled to call these guys and inquire about their services. I was immediately greeted by Jeff Jones and he was knowledgeable and informative and advised me of the time frame and the urgency of the matter and was dead on. His partner came to my home and once again I was comforted and assured by an even more knowledgeable individual who advised me and left the necessary paperwork for me to fill out and get the process started in early April. Unfortunately I did not take action and my mother’s house was sold in August. If you are contemplating taking action with these guys STOP THINKING AND FILL OUT THE FORMS TO GET YOUR PROBATE STARTED BECAUSE WHAT I DID NOT REALIZE IS THAT WHILE YOU ARE NOT WORKING WITH THESE GUYS THE BANKS ATTORNEY’S ARE STILL WORKING AGAINST YOU. TIME IS A SERIOUS FACTOR IN THIS PROCESS AND WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME DURING THIS PROCESS IS VERY IMPORTANT.